Oak Wardrobes

Oak wardrobes provide an extra storage space while looking lovely and stylish. Oak wood is a strong and enduring material, so these wardrobes are an investment from which you will benefit in years to come. Warships were made from oak until the 19th century in Europe and many countries have the oak tree as a national tree and symbol.

Oak Wardrobes Bring Style

Oak Wardrobes

Oak wardrobes can fill your house with a classic and stylish luxury, the material having an imposing yet warm sobriety. It will bring distinction into your home. They can also be a good present at a wedding for the new home of the spouses. Still it is best to let the couple choose the model, just open for them a credit at a furniture store.

A solid oak wardrobe can come in a variety of models and sizes allowing you to pick the one which is most suitable to your bedroom and personality. There are models which provide a massive clothes storage space like the Metro Dark Solid Oak Triple Wardrobe or the Hereford Solid Oak 3 Door Wardrobe that have three doors and three drawers. They are family wardrobes, having enough room for clothes of both parents and children.


For a family of two, a Calgary Rustic Oak Gents Wardrobe, a Contemporary Oak Wardrobe or any other with two doors and two drawers will be more suitable piece of furniture.

There are also special oak wardrobes designed for particular purposes. The Reclaimed Oak Ladies wardrobe has a regular height, but no drawer, which means that all that extra space allows night dresses, gowns etc to be stored. It is the same with the Dorset Oak Wardrobe.

More space for drawers can be found in Seville Oak Wardrobe, Vermont Solid Oak 3 Drawer Wardrobe and Santana Reclaimed Oak Single Wardrobe, which, despite its name has two doors and two drawers. It is just smaller than a 2-doors regular one.

There are many more oak wood wardrobes of course, but we’d like to leave you the pleasure to discover more great oak armoires on this website for yourself.

Go Custom Fitted?

But if you are not interested in that and you have a clear idea about what best fits you and your home, there is always the option of having a custom wardrobe built for you, although you will not find any of those on this site.

Obviously this will be more expensive, but the oak has a different, imposing texture embedded in its fibers which doesn’t disappear no matter what model of wardrobe you create.

However, here on Oak Wardrobes, we are dedicated to people looking for great affordable furniture.


As well as light oak and dark oak furniture ranges, you can also find pine wardrobes too if pine or painted furniture is more to your requirements. Or for style, you can opt for a sliding door wardobe.

An oak wardrobe brings you not only storage space for your clothes, but an oak wardrobe armoire also serves as a nice way to decorate your bedroom, being the ideal combination between utility and homeliness. And they will last you a long time! Shop for quality oak wardrobes now.